Simple and Scalable Networked Lighting Controls Solutions for Higher Education

Toggled iQ® provides the ideal
scalable lighting controls
solution for commercial office spaces
to accommodate any space
requirement, resulting in
more intuitive and better
quality of light improve user
functionality and productivity
as well as generate up to 75%
energy savings.

The Toggled iQ solution is truly
user friendly and features an
optimized Bluetooth® low energy
(BLE) technology that delivers decentralized
data driven control for up to

32,000 devices on a single network.

Additional Toggled iQ benefits for office spaces

• Simple to install/commission and is retrofit friendly
• Easily create/modify specific lighting schedules (office hours, holidays)
• Turn on/off or dim lights in unoccupied areas (security, energy savings)
• Provide custom lighting scenes based on tenant and building administration configuration preferences (dimming and white color tuning)
• Integrated role-based access control for app-based control – tenant and
administration (via free Toggled iQ App)
• Optional Toggled iQ Gateway enables web-based monitoring and control for a single office space or entire buildings
• Optional BMS integration is available for occupancy driven HVAC control or schedule integration

Toggled iQ can also enable functionality related to flood
detection, asset tracking and other high value IoT
commercial office facility use cases.

Devices for all applications...

Direct-wire Smart Linear
T8/T12 LED Tube (Type B)

Provides lamp-level lighting controls with Toggled iQ.

Fixture Controller

Provides fixture-level lighting controls with existing fixtures and Toggled iQ.

Area Lighting Controller (120-347V)
Provides group-level lighting control
between existing luminaires and
Toggled iQ.

Plug Load Controller (120-347V)
Allows control of discretionary plug loads either through schedules or occupancy status to ensure persistent energy savings.

Completely wireless motion, light, temperature and humidity sensing capabilities enable occupancy/vacancy and daylight harvesting features.

Switch (120-277 VAC)
Allows for wireless control of any Toggled iQ networked lighting controls (NLC) device or grouping of devices and only requires a connection to AC power